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Year 7 to Year 9

Equipping young people with a foundation of values, purpose, service and positive relationships.

Character Development Programmes

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Leadership Programmes

Inside Out Leadership Programme

“Leadership Starts From Within”
A Leadership Programme Specifically Designed For Year 7 to Year 9

Why Is This Important?

An interactive reflection on that before we lead, we must first start to look within. Growing the next generation of leaders should start in the early years of high school. At Burn Bright, we believe that an exploration of leadership from an early age builds and develops strong, resilient and empathetic leaders who are willing to serve and put others first. Whilst students in year 7 to 9 may not have a badge or hold a particular leadership position an introduction to key leadership concepts and an understanding of how to lead one’s self is vital for future development. This programme engages students whilst making leadership relevant to their current stage of life. It explores the power of our influence, servant leadership, resilience, the importance of healthy relationships and fostering an understanding that we are always leading in some capacity. The content and messages are aspirational and broad but are designed to specifically challenge students to recognise how they can become effective leaders and use their influence from a young age.

Programme Objectives

• Understand they have influence and be challenged on how they are using that influence.
• Identify the qualities of a good leader and recognise their own strengths and the strengths of others.
• Improve their sense of self and enhance their self confidence.
• Develop a capacity to overcome challenges and be resilient.
• Seek to foster positive friendships and look out for each other to enhance a greater sense of belonging.
• Understand the importance of service and start becoming a person who serves others.
• Appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.

Digital Leadership Programme

“Influencing Positively Online”

Why Is This Important?

A look at how we can merge our actions in the offline real with the digital world, and how we all can have a positive influence online. Digital and physical spaces are now blended to the degree that young people often view them as synonymous. Digital media and the internet have become the backbone of communication, removing any barriers once held by geographical space. We are constantly being told that gen z are the most connected generation in history but what does that really mean for young people who engage in multiple digital spaces on a daily basis? Our Digital Leadership Programme takes a positive perspective delivered by young facilitators who understand the stresses and complexities of a 24/7 networked life.

We approach this programme through the belief that young people have a unique ability to lead and influence others when they are navigating digital spaces. We encourage students to build a foundation of values and explore their character to create a foundation for the decisions they make. We unpack the idea that the digital sphere is constructed, helping young people to see how we can create a false identity and a fake image of ourselves. We explore the concept of anonymity online and the consequences our actions may have on relationships and on our future. This programme places the onus back on young people and empowers them to make decisions for themselves when using digital spaces.

Programme Objectives

• Appreciate that we are never anonymous online and understand the consequences that can come from our actions.
• Build a foundation of character and values that can transcend all dimensions of our life.
• Deal with peer influence and recognise the importance of taking a leadership role in online space. We can be role models online and offline.
• Understand the impact and power of our words online, the power of gossip and rumours in online spaces and how we can resolve conflict effectively.
• Develop an awareness of others and the impact digital spaces can have on our relationships.
• Explore identity and the concept that we can still be ‘real’ not constructed people online.
• Become balanced and aware of our use of technology.

“The facilitators had a good mix of content which kept the students fully engaged.”  

Warilla High School NSW

Character Development Programmes

Recipe For Success

Year 7 – Friendships and Connections Programme

Why Is This Important?

The transition to high school is an enormous time of change and can often be challenging and unsettling for young people. It is vital that students build a sense of connectedness with their peers and the wider school community. If students are able to lay the foundation for the future early then high school can be an enjoyable and successful stage in their life. The Year 7 ‘Recipe For Success’ programme provides students with a toolkit to help them build important skills that will assist them in this time of transition. It assists young people to build a sense of identity, supports new friendships and enhances self efficacy to improve resilience.

Programme Objectives

• Support in building positive relationships with their peers to enhance a greater sense of belonging.
• Build confidence to take positive steps to continue developing and nurturing new and existing friendships into the future.
• Understand their own strengths and the strengths of others.
• Appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.
• Discover key ingredients for achieving their best and making positive choices.
• Enhance students’ capacity to be resilient and deal with difficult situations.
• Be inspired to make a difference at school.

It’s In Our DNA

Year 8 – Friends. Passions. Integrity.

Why Is This Important?

The early high school years are formative for friendships and are when students begin to explore their identity. This is an enormous period of change and it is important that young people build a sense of connectedness with their peers and school community. ‘It’s In Our DNA’ is our friendships and passions programme that seeks to explore peer-to-peer relationships and the importance of finding and following what you are passionate about with those around you. It looks at the joys that quality and meaningful friendship bring and provides strategies and ideas to aid students’ navigation through friendships during the school years. Burn Bright empowers students with the skills to enjoy friendships constructively and how to navigate them when they become tricky. We explore with students what passions are and how these can be a meaningful catalyst to find purpose, enjoyment, belonging and identity in their life.

Programme Objectives

• Build and encourage connections and friendship within year groups, to feel a greater sense of belonging.
• Find purpose and identity in the things you enjoy doing or are passionate about.
• Understand that we change and grow and it’s ok for your passions to change and grow as well.
• Help to build a sense of identity and capacity to be resilient.
• Appreciate our own strengths, appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.
• Understand and display empathy and selflessness.
• Identify and apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
• Recognise that stronger relationships equal stronger performance.


Gender Split Character Development Programme


Year 9 – Girls Self Efficacy Programme

Why Is This Important?

There are so many influences on young women which make their journey through adolescence sometimes tricky and conflicting. Having to navigate peer pressure, body image, media influences, expectations, online and digital spaces and much more can be daunting and often girls find it difficult to deal with these changes that are occurring. With only the girls together, this programme will discover how young women can seek to respect themselves and others in their immediate worlds. SPARK provides the tools which help young women build confidence, positively express themselves, understand their values, cultivate gratitude and perspective and build their capacity to be resilient. The programme aims to enhance emotional intelligence and empowers students to build positive and healthy relationships with their peers, parents and their community.

Programme Objectives

• Build a framework of values helping to positively explore the challenges of adolescence.
• Recognise self-value and build self-worth.
• Gain confidence and recognise their own strengths.
• Understand what external influences exist and how to filter these messages.
• Explore strategies to deal with expectations and pressure, seek perspective and build resilience.
• Develop healthy and positive friendships with their peers and wider community.
• Investigate what holds them back and how to work through road blocks.
• Recognise the power of their words on themselves and others.


Year 9 – Boys Self Efficacy Programme

Why Is This Important?

The journey to manhood has never been an easy one and involves a search for identity and meaning. More and more boys are growing up without healthy male role models and as a result lack the guidance to live healthy and respectful lives. IGNITE is designed to challenge traditional concepts of manhood and to help young boys grow into men with strength, integrity and respect. With only the boys together, our programme is designed specifically to engage young men with new thoughts and positive messages about how they can live happier and genuine lives. The program becomes a catalyst for challenging conversations about being a man in the 21st century. The day explores three important values for growing into a man: strength, integrity and respect. This programme is very active in nature and allows boys to be boys.

Programme Objectives

• Understand the impact of personal choice on themselves and the world around them – your actions have consequences.
• Realise that it’s healthy to discuss the pressures and influences of life and that they don’t have to journey alone.
• Recognise self-value and build self-worth.
• Explore and understand what qualities make a man and how to use these qualities to make a change in their life.
• Build positive communication strategies and techniques.
• Understand strength, integrity and respect and the changes they can make in their lives to live out these values.
• Identify and use strategies to be resilient.
• Recognise and display altruism and selflessness that would lead to an increase in self-esteem.

“The activities were engaging for the girls yet had meaning that they related to”  

Meriden School NSW