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Why Burn Bright?

So why Burn Bright? We know we aren’t the only organisation out there working with young people and schools. We want you to find the organisation that suits the needs for you, your school and your students. To help you do this, we have outlined some of the reasons Burn Bright is different from other organisations and the benefits that we bring to you.

Burn Bright focuses on the way we engage and communicate with young people. We believe that through experiential programmes that deliver messages in a multi-modal fashion, the opportunity to get young people thinking about their lives is unique and limitless.

A Burn Bright Programme In Action



Burn Bright lives and breathes leadership and continues to explore what true leadership looks like on a daily basis. Our leadership programmes find their foundations in servant leadership and having positive relationships to be able to lead purposefully and constructively. Our programmes start with an aim of understanding that to be able to lead a young person must also learn to lead themselves. The leadership programmes are specially tailored to work with a variety of group sizes, ranging from small groups such as prefects and representative councils, through to full year groups.


WELLBEING, VALUES AND CHARACTER… Foundations for the future.

At Burn Bright, we run a variety of character growth and development programmes. These programmes are specifically designed to enable young people to build a solid foundation of character and values and to ignite their lives with the possibility of the future. The programmes we offer are created to match different phases of school life. All of our character-based programmes are tailored to suit the needs of the students and the school. These programmes are a fun, dynamic and engaging way to learn about values and character.

What Are Schools Saying?

“Fantastic, the presenters worked very well as a team, relating very well to this age group.” St Pauls High School NSW

“Excellent – impressed with the ability to connect with kids and get them to open up!” Marian Catholic College Griffith NSW

“The programme created a more cohesive year group” Kincoppal Rose Bay NSW

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Programme Objectives

  • Develop a foundation of character and values
  • Build strong and constructive relationships
  • Identify and apply their skills and passions
  • Make effective decisions and take action for the future
  • Cultivate meaningful change within their own lives
  • Serve and build positive change within their communities

Our Unique Programme Points

    • Tailored programmes and facilitation styles

We recognise that every school will have different needs and dynamics. To be able to facilitate and communicate effectively, our programs are tailored to the group we work with. By being this dynamic and adaptive, we find that it provides the most tangible results.

    • Experiential based learning

Our programmes are extremely active, ranging from students constantly discussing new ideas with their peers, to participating in a year group challenge. Our delivery model is not a model where we talk at young people all day.

    • High engagement through multi-modal delivery of ideas and concepts

We understand that everyone learns differently and that often students have short attention spans. To cater for this, our program messages are delivered in multiple formats to allow for different learners to understand concepts and to keep our programmes moving and fresh. We run activities, tell stories, show video clips and use music to create an environment where everyone can learn.

    • Relevant messages to young people

All our messages are extremely relevant to young people. We adjust our messages and the depth based on the audience and we continue to keep the messages fresh and significant to the program and to the students.

    • A dynamic, passionate and energetic team

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds; they are young and passionate about the work they do. That means that when they come to work with your students, they bring an energy that engages young people right from the start of the day.


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Our Programme Additions

Assessing Wellbeing

Burn Bright has partnered with wellbeing assessment experts – Assessing Wellbeing in Education (AWE). Through our partnership with AWE, after each programme we will provide you with scientific and research proven report of the impact and effect of the Burn Bright programme and a snapshot of the wellbeing of your student group. This data is collected through a pre, and post programme survey, completed by students who attend the programme. The AWE assessment consists of a collection of validated psychometric scales and scientifically informed questions from the psychology literature that assess various aspects of wellbeing.

Burn Bright Academy

Over the last 12 months Burn Bright has been hard at work creating an online portal where students have an opportunity to continue their learning after a programme finishes. For 2018, each and every programme will come with access for students to the Burn Bright Academy. This online portal will allow students to experience unique, online modules specific to the Burn Bright programme they experienced, with the hope reinforced learning outcomes.

State Of The Nation

Burn Bright has the great privilege and opportunity to work with thousands of students each year in every state of Australia. In 2018 we will be taking advantage of the unique opportunity we have to anonymously take a snapshot of how young people across Australia are thinking, feeling and experiencing life. After Burn Bright’s programme you will then receive an anonymous report reflecting the mindset and trends of your group, and how those results compare against the national average.

National Leadership Camp

Burn Bright is the official host of National Leadership Camp (NLC). NLC is a four day camp hosted in Sydney for high school students eager to explore the foundations of leadership and what that looks like in their own lives. In 2018 Burn Bright will be hosting the 14th National Leadership Camp, with 120 young Australians in attendance, we are excited for another memorable and foundational Camp. From 2018 every programme package you book with Burn Bright will include a heavily discounted National Leadership Camp berth option. This will provide you with the opportunity to nominate a students or young person in your community to be a part of this life changing experience.

Dynamic Facilitation

Vibrant Spaces

We create vibrant learning environments through: experiential-based learning, utilising music and multimedia and creating a safe space to allow for self expression.

Always Two or More

Our programmes will always have two facilitators as a minimum, no matter the group size. We find this delivers results because it allows for different personality types. It also keeps the group and our facilitators on their toes.

Strong Communicators

Our facilitators are being continuously trained and developed in their communication skills. We aim to develop highly competent and effective communicators.

Service Based Leadership

Our programmes find their foundations in servant leadership, selflessness and empathy for others. We shift the way young people think about leadership and their lives. Servant leadership is built on a desire to serve others in everything that one does. It includes a discovery of oneself and a journey towards leading others by first leading yourself.

Our Community

We have an awesome community of people around our organisation from our team to our volunteers to our supporters and friends. This group of people is exceptional, each bringing something different to the Burn Bright puzzle. These people actively support us, help and encourage us to grow and contribute such a wealth of knowledge. They really add something special to our organisation.

Practical Skills

Empowering young people with the skills and tools enables them to put these concepts into action which is a must for sustainable growth. The active nature of our programmes allow for young people to learn skills throughout the day and road test them before applying them in their own lives.

Our 5 Step Implementation Process

  • Get In Touch

    Contact Burn Bright and let's select a program type and discuss specific needs for your school.

  • Tailored Programme Proposal

    Burn Bright sends out a tailored program proposal and quote.

  • We Develop The Programme

    Upon receipt of confirmed proposal Burn Bright develops your tailored program.

  • Burn Bright Delivers Programme

    Our dynamic and vibrant facilitation team comes to your school and delivers the program.

  • Program Follow Up

    Burn Bright manages follow up resources for your school to continue the program effectiveness and help your students to continue to grow.