We develop partnerships with schools and teachers to deliver an experience that is world class but makes it as EASY as possible for teachers.

To have young people who are wellbeing focused that leads to stronger classroom outcomes, leaders who take initiative and are ultimately good citizens!

To become Australias most trusted provider of leadership and wellbeing programmes and camps. We build that trust through delivering quality every time and tailoring our programmes to you!



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Students at National Leadership Camps


“The most valuable part for us was building team relationships and developing and understanding and appreciation of the complexities of leadership”

The Friends School TAS

“The students absolutely loved it and gained so much from what you covered. It was extremely relevant, stimulating and engaging and also perfectly complemented the messages we had been giving them on the rest of camp. I look forward to working with you again.”

Moriah College NSW

“We enjoyed the strong focus on values and the combination of activities”

Seymour College SA


Burn Bright focuses on the way we engage and communicate with young people. We believe that through experiential programs that deliver messages in a multi-modal fashion, the opportunity to get young people thinking about their lives is unique and limitless.

We have 5 key points of engagement:

  • Tailored programmes and facilitation styles for the school and year group
  • Programmes experiential and active in nature
  • High engagement through multi-modal delivery of ideas and concepts
  • Messages relevant to young people
  • A dynamic, passionate and energetic team

Find out more about our programmes and engagement styles.


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  • Andy Skidmore
    Andy Skidmore CEO

    Andy founded Burn Bright when he was 21. He is passionate about student leadership and empowering young people to find a positive foundation for their lives.  Andy had the privilege of working for Rising Generations, and subsequently has a strong foundation in dynamic student facilitation and engagement.  Participating in, and volunteering with, the National Student Leadership Forum, Andy’s understanding of service-based leadership is continuously growing.

    Andy grew up in Sydney, attending school in North Sydney. Throughout his time at school, he was involved in student leadership and had a passion for understanding what successful student leadership could look like, and how it can ultimately change a school. He graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts – Media, and actively seeks to further understand the dynamics of effective communication.  With a major in digital and online spaces, Andy is highly capable in understanding social networks and the intricacies of online environments.

    Andy is passionate about young people and his local community, spending the last 7 years coaching local junior hockey teams and fulfilling leadership roles such as Junior Convenor and Vice President.  Andy is an active volunteer within his community and is currently a member of the local NSW State Emergency Service unit.

  • Layton Fraser
    Layton Fraser COO - Innovation and Development

    Layton Fraser is the Chief Operating Officer and program facilitator at Burn Bright Australia.

    With that classic Kiwi accent, it’s not hard to figure out where Layton is from. Layton was born in South Africa but grew up in New Zealand. He made the move across the Tasman in 2014 to join the Burn Bright team.

    Despite now living in Australia, Layton still regularly travels back home as he works with New Zealand Cricket and the BLACKCAPS during the New Zealand cricketing summer. Layton has also had extensive involvement with the New Zealand Aspiring Leaders’ Forum and traveled internationally attending leaderships forums.

    When not working or traveling with the Burn Bright team, you’ll most likely find Layton watching sport of some kind or exploring his new hobby of riding his beloved motorbike.

  • Charlotte Weatherall
    Charlotte Weatherall Relationships and Service Manager

    Charlotte is the newest addition to the Burn Bright team and joins us as a programme facilitator.  Charlotte brings a mix of real-world leadership experience with a youthful energy. Charlotte attended National Leadership Camp as a student whilst at high school and returned as a mentor in 2017.

    Since finishing school in the Hunter Valley in 2012 Charlotte spent a whole year living in Madrid, Spain on Rotary Youth Exchange, studied engineering and spent a few years in the Royal Australian Navy. Charlotte is now studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Newcastle, majoring in Psychology.

    Charlotte is also actively involved in Girl Guides as a Leader of Youth and will always help with local Rotary events when she has the time.

    When not at work or volunteering, Charlotte enjoys being outdoors, testing out new brunch spots and hanging with her fat cat Oscar.


  • Michaela Young
    Michaela Young Relationships and Service Manager

    Michaela grew up in Sydney and went to school in The Hills. Michaela recently completed a Bachelor of Events and Leisure Management at the University of Technology Sydney. Her love of community events and making a positive impact in young people’s lives led her to Burn Bright in 2015. Michaela hopes to pursue a Masters of Community Service in the future; further enabling her passion for helping people with mental illness.

    Michaela enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and will often be found visiting a cafe on her foody bucket list or sight seeing around Sydney. Michaela loves being creative and active; her most enjoyed hobbies include cooking, DIY projects and exercising in the outdoors!

  • Kelsie Realf
    Kelsie Realf Programme Facilitator

    Kelsie travelled down from central QLD to join the team in early 2016. She was born and raised in a small country town and went to boarding school in Rockhampton. Kelsie has always had a real passion for fostering positive relationships and aiding others in character development, which is probably why she has always been involved with student councils and local community groups for most of her life.

    Because of her desire to work with people to unleash their potential, Kelsie studied a Bachelor of Psychology at Bond University. She graduated in 2014 and has since worked as a Chiropractic Assistant at a Wellness Centre, and volunteered with an organisation who facilitated programs similar to those that Burn Bright specialise in. During her degree, she uncovered a real fascination of the human brain and a love for the biological underpinnings of behaviour; in the future she hopes to continue her studies within the realm of Clinical Neuropsychology.

    In her free time Kelsie loves creating different kinds of artworks, hiking, or laying by the ocean with a pen and her journal. If she has more than a few weeks to spare, Kelsie will probably pack her Kathmandu backpack and head overseas for an exotic adventure! 

  • Harry Steer
    Harry Steer Programme Facilitator

    Harry first encountered Burn Bright as a delegate at the 2016 National Leadership Camp where his passion for leadership and service was sparked. After returning to National Leadership Camp for a second year as an agent and third year as a mentor, he joined the team as a Casual Facilitator in 2018.

    During his time at Burn Bright, Harry has developed a real passion for helping others to unlock their strength and be the best they can be. He hopes to further his passion by influencing change in young people around Australia and watching them undertake their own leadership journey.

    When Harry isn’t working with Burn Bright, you can find him trying out different cafes around Sydney, writing in his notebook, skateboarding or playing basketball.

  • Harriette Tait
    Harriette Tait Programme Facilitator

    Harriette recently finished school at Barker College in 2013 and is currently studying a Double Degree of a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie University, with the intention of moving into the Chiropractic field in the near future. Joining the Burn Bright team in late 2014 Harriette is enjoying working while studying part time. Throughout school Harriette loved volunteering and helping where possible. She has found a new passion in leadership, forging development in young people and watching them grow. She is eager to learn and grow as a person and is excited about the future.

    When Harriette isn’t working with Burn Bright, you may find her teaching horse riding lessons, snowboarding, wake boarding or exploring the outdoors.

  • Nick Fransen
    Nick Fransen Office Support

    Nick started out as a volunteer with Burn Bright, before joining the team in early 2016 as a National Leadership Camp intern. He was brought up in Sydney, and attended school in Wahroonga on Sydney’s lower north shore. Seeking to have a further impact in the community, he’s now our part-time office manager while studying economics at the University of New South Wales.
    During his time with Burn Bright, Nick has developed a passion for making a lasting impact and servant leadership. He hopes to extend that passion to others, always open to new ideas and willing to step outside of his comfort zone to do so.
    If Nick isn’t hard at work, you might find him running around the neighbourhood, playing the drums, or spending quality time with friends and family!


  • Alejandro Zambrano
    Alejandro Zambrano Melbourne Lead

    Alejandro is the Melbourne lead for Burn Bright. He is passionate about the development of young people and making a difference in their lives. He has always been active within the Victorian community supporting Rotary Youth Leadership programs and providing recommendations to the Victorian Government Minister of Youth as part of a Youth Advisory committee.

    Alejandro first came to the National Leadership Camp as a student when he was in high school and has since taken part in every Burn Bright NLC.

    After completing his Bachelor of Business (International Business) and Diploma of Languages (Spanish) Alejandro worked in the corporate sector working for several global organisations. Alejandro specialised in Human Resources, with a focus on Training and Development. He is also an Officer in the Australian Army (Reserve) where he regularly leads large contingents of personnel.

    In late 2017 he joined Burn Bright to open the Melbourne Office and partner with more schools across Australia.


  • Meggie Palmer
    Meggie Palmer Non-Executive Director

    Meggie was first published as a journalist when she was 9 – her passion for story telling has stuck with her ever since.

    She’s worked as a Foreign Correspondent, Journalist & Producer for television networks including the BBC, SBS Dateline, Channel 10 & the Discovery Channel. She’s reported from Syria, Nepal, Zimbabwe, New York and beyond.

    She is the Founder of PepTalkHer – a start up tech company empowering women with confidence & negotiating skills to hep close the gender pay gap. She also owns & founded Sliding Door Media – a production company specialising in using story to communicate.

    She wishes Burn Bright existed when she was at school in Queensland because she can see how the programs impact young Australians for the better.
    Meggie is a proud volunteer at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club and challenges anyone to beat her in a spaghetti bolognese eating competition.

  • Matt Schultz
    Matt Schultz Chairman

    Matt’s passion and focus is young people and leadership and you can see this reflected in his achievements
    and the communities he has been willing to serve throughout his life. Matt graduated from the University of
    Newcastle in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Japanese. After his graduation Matt begun working
    for the Not-For-Profit mentoring organisation ‘Rush’. As mentor coordinator Matt was able to impact the
    lives of countless young people throughout the Newcastle and Hunter regions.

    In 2011, Matt graduated with his Masters of Teaching and for the last 4 and a half years he has been teaching
    history at a high school in Newcastle. Matt has also volunteered as a mentor at National Leadership Camp and at the
    Canberra based National Student Leadership Forum. One thing you may not know about Matt is that he can
    recite the alphabet backwards in 7 languages. Feel free to ask Matt to show you this skill if you ever see him around!

  • Edward Swayne
    Edward Swayne Non-Executive Director

    Ed is the numbers man on the Burn Bright Board!

    Throughout his career, he’s worked with top-tier investment banks. Ed has significant experience with capital raising projects and has worked across major Merger and Acquisition deals.

    He studied a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics at Macquarie University majoring in Actuarial Studies & Finance.

    He’s the proud Dad of Ethan & Anna and is a stock market guru.

  • Cath Healy
    Cath Healy Non-Executive Director

    Cath believes investing in young people is investing in our future. She’s a passionate supporter of Burn Bright and their programs empowering students with leadership skills and values and character development.

    Cath has worked in the UK and Australia as a Child Protection Case Worker and more recently as a School Wellbeing Practitioner.

    She has extensive experience working with students and schools across positive behaviour programs, critical incidents & functional behavioural assessment. She was also seconded during the Victorian Bushfires to provide wellbeing support to the schools.

    Cath has a double degree in Social Work and Arts majoring in Psychology & Sociology. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Science and is studying a Graduate Diploma Mental Health Science majoring in Children & Adolescents.

    She has a toddler, lives in Regional New South Wales with her partner and still can’t believe she got her driver’s license first go! (She almost ran a stop sign and stalled on her hill start – she’s an excellent driver these days!)

  • Blair Vincent
    Blair Vincent Non-Executive Director
    Blair grew up in Sydney, playing Rugby Union from an early age. This passion has continued to this day, and has translated to a fierce competitive streak. Spending some time working alongside CEO Andy Skidmore, I learned firsthand the value of strong working relationships. The highlight was a roadtrip to Finley then on to Canberra, 6 hours whizzing by in the blink of an eye.
    More recently Blair has been working at Macquarie Bank, learning along the way the many challenges of leadership and managing people. Blair is married to Hannah, a deeply compassionate yet quick-witted social worker.
    On weekends you’ll find me either playing sport, watching sport or catching up with mates.





Burn Bright is a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation, that works solely to take young people from surviving to thriving. We actively partner with schools to deliver highly dynamic and engaging programmes, that excite young people and help them to build solid foundations from which they can flourish.

We have a team based in Sydney and Melbourne who travel to all parts of Australia to work with awesome young people on a daily basis.

On a national scale, we bring together our team and volunteers to run leadership and wellbeing programmes in schools. We also facilitate leadership and wellbeing camps that bring together young people from around the country.

What is possible really excites us is the relationships we have and continue to build with schools, teachers and parents to partner with them as we collectively impact the next generation of young people.

The scope for growth of our work is limitless and as we evolve we hope to continue to meet the needs of young people across Australia.



Australia’s most trusted and well recognised growth and development organisation for young people.

Through dynamic engagement, facilitation and constructive relationships, we seek to take young people from surviving to thriving. This is achieved by helping them to understand the capacity and potential they have in making change within their own lives and the lives of those around them.


Connected communities that enable young people to be known and loved

We believe that it’s only through the strength of community that young people can be empowered. Our vision is of an Australia with communities of people who are passionate about young people and are excited to work together to empower our future generations.



What We Do

School Programmes

Burn Bright runs a range of leadership and wellbeing programmes that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the schools we partner with. These programmes are run with primary and high schools from year 5 to year 12. Our programmes are active and experiential which leads to a dynamic engage throughout the day.

National Leadership Camp

The National Leadership Camp (NLC) is hosted every year in the July school holidays in Sydney. In 2018 it will be the 14th time NLC has been run. NLC brings together 120 high school students from year 10 to 12 over 4 days to explore who they are as leaders and to develop and grow their capacity to serve others and their local communities in a fun and engaging way.

Burn Bright Facilitate

A big part of what Burn Bright does is helps other organisations to deliver their messages and engage young people in their programmes. Since our inception we have delivered a series of mental health forums on behalf of a range of community groups. We have also partnered with universities to deliver their outreach and equity and diversity programs. The custom and tailored nature of our programs means we can deliver a high quality programme for any organisation.

Not For Profit

Burn Bright is a Not For Profit which ensures our organisation stays focused on the young people we serve. Whilst we are a Not For Profit we consider ourselves  ‘for purpose’ meaning that it’s important Burn Bright runs an impactful social enterprise style organisation to continue to serve young people well into the future.

Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission

Burn Bright is a Not For Profit organisation, officially registered as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee. Burn Bright is registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission (ACNC). On the ACNC’s website you can find out the legal information about Burn Bright. Burn Bright does not have Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status.

The Leading Wellbeing Group

A group of Australian and New Zealand Organisations who share similar values, vision and believe in increasing the wellbeing of young people through community and school based initiatives. Leading Wellbeing is not a business but an umbrella brand to identify reputable organisations who collectively partner with schools to provide consistent messaging and voice. Leading Wellbeing believes that through coming together as many impact focused organisations but as different voices their impact on the world can be far greater for the young people we serve.

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