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Yr 10 & Yr 11 Summit Leadership

Yr 11 & 12 Senior Leadership

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Yr 10 & Yr 11 Summit Leadership Programme

Why Is This Important?

An exploration of how for us to reach the summit of our school leadership journey, we need to learn how our leadership is stronger with others. Year 10 and year 11 is a time of identity reformation where young people are establishing what they stand for and how they fit into the world. Our Summit Leadership Programme enables young people to build a strong sense of character and values, become aware of the decisions they are making and develop a strong self-efficacy to become more resilient. The programme unlocks the idea that leadership is influence and we all influence daily. We pose the question ‘How are we using that influence?’. Everyone of us is a leader in some capacity and we unpack with students the idea that we all lead in varying degrees. Summit Leadership aims to encourage students to think more broadly about their foundations and the impact their leadership has on others.

Programme Objectives

• Understand that leadership is influence, explore who they influence and who is influencing them.
• Allow students to realise the impact of their leadership and the opportunity they have for meaningful contribution to their community and the world around them.
• Understand servant leadership through the concept of ‘host leadership’ and recognise the ability they have to serve others.
• Build and develop a personal vision and set meaningful goals for the future.
• Reflect on and grow confidence in their character, personal values and strengths.
• Develop an appreciation of others and celebrate their differences.
• Nurture positive and healthy relationships with peers and the wider community.
• Explore healthy decision making, the power we all have to make choice and the consequences of our actions.
• Understand the importance of communication online and offline.
• Be encouraged to seek perspective.


Why Is This Important?

A Look at how we all have the ability to influence in our senior years and a self-reflection on who am I and where am I going as a leader?. Australia is crying out for leaders who have an ability to work with people, deal with pressure, resolve conflict and have a sound level of emotional intelligence. Our Senior Leadership Development Programme will equip students with the necessary skills to be effective leaders, understand their influence, build resilience and begin to shape their values for their lives. Instilling essential leadership and character development values and traits in students now, will help them to navigate successfully their senior school years and build a foundation for the future. Senior students will leave this programme with key tools and a self belief that they can make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

Programme Objectives

• Understand their influence and impact of their leadership on their peers and the school.
• Appreciate the importance and strength of community and working in a team.
• Understand servant leadership and the ability they have to transform lives through serving others.
• Explore how to establish and maintain healthy and positive relationships.
• Understand their personal values and how these underpin their lives.
• Build important skills in decision making and conflict resolution.
• Learn the importance of effective and constructive communication.
• Shape healthy habits for dealing with expectations and pressure in senior school years.
• Grow their character and understand the concept of servant leadership and looking out for others.
• Be challenged on how they are currently leading and be encouraged to grow their leadership capacity.

Yr 12 SHIFT Character Programme

Why Is This Important?

An exploration of key pillars that will help us through often stressful new unchartered areas of our lives. New stages of life bring about new challenges. Every new challenge requires an ability to respond in a healthy way and with a positive approach. Young people in their final year of school face a unique set of challenges. These challenges include finding a balance, managing expectations, dealing with stress and navigating relationships. Not only are these students completing their final year but they are looking beyond to the opportunities and possibilities that exist. We equip young people to deal with the challenges that they will face, think beyond school and provide them with tools and strategies to move through this time with resilience and a healthy positive attitude. This programme is designed to focus on the individual and to understand the world around them. We provide an effective foundation to journey through Year 12 and life beyond school.

As this programme can be run at varying stages in the Year 12 journey the content and messages will vary. The programme can be run with varying emphases or a mix of both, either; helping new Year 12 students to ‘survive’ their final year of school OR to develop capacity with school leavers to navigate the world that exists beyond their school life. The programme follows a format of identifying an issue and empowering students to tackle that issue with practical skills and strategies to create change.

Programme Objectives

• Identify the key problem areas of year 12 and be able to develop and implement healthy solutions to combat these.
• Build a greater personal effectiveness including time management, learning styles and dealing with procrastination.
• Able to navigate and build constructive relationships including conflict resolution techniques, developing a healthy support network and effective communication.
• Understand the importance of ‘enjoying the journey’ no matter how difficult it may seem.
• Develop a capacity to be resilient and bounce back from challenges.
• Recognise the importance of finding a balance, looking after yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• See that you are more than a mark.
• Develop practical sills and strategies to help build for the future in front of them.
• Create a personal vision for the future and explore what taking the next step after school is all about.
• Build a foundation of values.
• Identify your own strengths and the strengths of other around us.

“Our experience was very positive, i would definitely recommend Burn Bright for other programmes at HVGS or other schools”  

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