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Why Is This Important?

With a vision and united direction, a prefect team has the capacity to mobilise and strengthen their peers and be positive role models for the students they lead to ultimately transform their school culture. Our prefects programme uses practical and theoretical underpinnings of leadership to support the prefect team to become effective leaders and embrace servant and relational leadership. The programme helps the team to build a foundation of a common vision and values to underpin the year ahead. This programme unpacks specific skills such as effective communication, school-life balance, project planning, running meetings, uniting and managing their year group and being a link between the students and the school. When the prefect team is equipped with the right drive and skills they are empowered to make a meaningful difference.

Programme Objectives

• Empowered to strive towards being a more effective team.
• Build, foster and strengthen relationships within the team.
• Understand their role within the school and their individual role within their prefect team.
• Develop a vision for the year ahead.
• Develop ideas and projects for the year ahead with a clear understanding of how to successfully implement and communicate them.
• Leave with an understanding of service and motivation to be servant leaders.
• Enhance their understanding of themselves and those around them.
• Have the capacity to be resilient and navigate the challenges of Year 12 whilst balancing the prefect role with other responsibilities.
• Understand the differences in their team, the strengths others bring, resolve conflict and recognise their own strengths in leadership.


Why Is This Important?

Student Representative Councils (SRC’s) have an enormous opportunity to transform the culture and make a significant impact on their school. We believe that all high functioning teams should know each other well and develop and maintain a vision and strategy that is inspiring and allows for a meaningful contribution. Often students are also elected into SRC’s without having the skills or knowledge of how to cooperate, communicate, plan or execute projects.

Our SRC programme is designed to provide foundational leadership concepts, aid in delivering a common vision, building relationships with other members and developing a team approach. We also provide specific skills such as project planning, running effective meetings and engaging communication with peers. Our SRC programme becomes a catalyst for change and to help the council make a profound impact.

Programme Objectives

• Create and implement a vision and strategy to develop meaningful initiatives and projects to implement in their school community.
• Build and strengthen relationships.
• Understand their role in the school and their individual role within their SRC.
• Empowered to strive towards being a more effective team.
• Develop a capacity to be resilient and manage challenging circumstances.
• Build conflict resolution strategies and understand the importance of open communication.
• Equip students to communicate effectively, market their vision and initiatives, creatively think and problem solve enabling students to implement and deliver on these within their timeframe.
• Have an appreciation for the strengths of the team as a whole as well as the individual strengths and contributions from each member.


Why Is This Important?

Peer Support is a unique opportunity for students to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of students younger than them, whilst actively serving the school community. Peer support leaders help new students to make the transition into a new school environment. They have the ability to make this experience exciting and meaningful whilst removing the fear and anxiety new students often face. They actively build relationships with younger students and often run structured sessions that help younger students navigate this new environment.

This programme focuses on servant leadership, how to facilitate effectively, work in a team and care for new students. It is practically focused, allowing students to have the opportunity to gain confidence with their own facilitation and understanding of how to effectively run sessions. The programme also provides students with practical examples of activities they can use with their new students.

Programme Objectives

• Understand and realise the impact their role as peer support leaders has on new students but also their peers and the wider community.
• Develop strong communication and facilitation skills.
• Enhance their understanding of how to effectively lead and support a small group of students.
• Grow a desire to actively participate in creating and promoting a positive school environment.
• Discover and understand their own leadership strengths and the strengths of those around them.
• Learn skills to get everyone on board and actively participate, resolve conflict, and wok as a team.
• Have fun and learn how to make their sessions engaging as well.

“Excellent, just what was needed to get the SRC bonding and focused on their role in the school.”  

St Ives High School NSW