Burn Bright would not have been able to begin without the caring and generous hearts of so many individuals, who are passionate about the work we do and the young people we work with. These people give up so much to make this a reality and we are so thankful for you!

It is only with your continued and generous support that we are able to exist into the future. This can take many shapes and forms and we appreciate your support in any shape or size. We appreciate you!


Volunteer With Us

Our vision is for communities of people who empower young hearts. Volunteers come along to school programs, camps or just help out whenever they can. We love our wonderful volunteers and are always on the lookout for people who share our passion of working with young people and want to help Burn Bright in it’s mission of helping young hearts come alive. We need you to make that possible!

Learn About Volunteering

Supporting Us

There are many ways you can support Burn Bright beyond giving your time. Financial or in-kind donations are always appreciated and go towards generations of young people being impacted by an amazing team and volunteers.

Find Out How You Can Support Us

Join Our Dynamic Team

Be a part of a dynamic, inspiring and gracious team of people who work daily to achieve our vision and mission. Enter into our two year graduate program where you will be part of a program that seeks to help you explore who you are as a person, equip you with skills and training and learn what working in a team with a vision is all about.

See How To Join the Burn Bright Team

Our Volunteers

Carry our vision of a community connecting to empower young people.

What Is Volunteering All About?

If you have a passion for working with young people and you want to be a part of an expanding volunteer family that helps Burn Bright work towards our vision. You want to help young people grow, enjoy their energy and vibrancy and have a heart to serve, then we want you to join us as a volunteer.

Volunteering with Burn Bright can take many shapes and we would love to explore a few of them with you. If you are interested in volunteering, just send us an email at or give us a bell on (02) 8070 9217.

School Programs

Our volunteers support us by assisting our facilitators during school programs in running activities, helping with tasks throughout the day and getting to know the young people we are working with.

Throughout a program, you will get to experience the vibrancy that Burn Bright brings and capture the energy that young people bring in to what is often a dynamo combination. As you get more comfortable, we would be excited for you to help us facilitate and share stories with the young people we work with. Your impact is beyond our words!


Volunteer at Burn Brights Annual National Leadership Camp as a Junior or Adult Mentor! Mentors are responsible for leading a small group of young people over 4 fun filled intense days. Our mentor team is made up of a diversity of people who come from all walks of life.

In The Office

Camps or School Programs may not be your cup of tea and we totally understand that! We are always looking for some help around the office, helping to prepare resources, planning for our next big event and a host of other bits and pieces. If you would love to spend some of your precious time supporting our team, we would love that! There is definitely a task that will be suited to your skills and passions.

Why We Love Our Volunteers

We love our volunteers because they are such a vital part of our organisation. Our vision is to bring people together to form communities that empower young hearts. To be able to see that vision come to life, we continue to seek out new volunteers who are passionate to become a part of the community.

Our volunteers bring a heart to serve. To serve young people, each other and their local communities. This willingness to serve inspires us and the young people we work with. Our volunteers embody the values we build with young people.

Our volunteers bring an amazing passion and enthusiasm to all parts of our organisation. Whether they are out on programs, in the office or just lending a hand in what ever way they can.

The great thing about volunteering with us is that there are many different ways you can give your time to support our organisation and every single way contributes to the work we get to carry out on a daily basis.

Steps To Volunteering With Us On Programs or Camps

  • Get In Touch

    Get in contact with us either by email or over the phone. We always love hearing from potential new volunteers and look forward to hearing from you. Either or (02) 8070 9217.

  • Let's Catch Up

    We are so grateful that you want to donate your time to us and we would love to shout you a coffee or lunch so we can get to know each other better.

  • Fill Out Some Forms

    If you decide to become a volunteer with us we will need you to complete some different forms including a Working With Children Check.

  • Respond to a Volunteer Request

    Every few weeks we will put out to our volunteers a request email to let you know when we are looking for volunteers and if you want to come along on a program all you have to do is get back to us and we'll arrange the rest.

  • Come Along

    This is the fun part. Join our dynamic facilitation team and hang out with some inspirational young people

Our Supporters

Make everything we do possible.

For-Purpose… Still Not-For-Profit

We pride ourselves on being a not-for-profit organisation. This means that we don’t generate profit for the benefit of our directors or members but we generate revenue for the benefit of our organisation and the young people we serve. Financially, our goal is to always be able to fund our core business ourselves without relying on financial support. This being the case to support the growth of the organisation, support our volunteers and allow us to explore new horizons, your support in what ever way possible is very much needed and appreciated.

To find out how you or your organisation might best be able to support us, please see below.

Financial Support

As a new organisation and as we continue to make new ground, we would love your support to help our organisation grow in our early years. This support will help us to roll out programs into new schools and start to develop products and continue running our National Leadership Camp. Ultimately, your support now will set us up to be financially viable.

Our goal is to always be able to fund our core business ourselves without relying on financial support. We see this as being fundamental to create a successful business into the future. Whilst this is the case, we will still use your financial support to help the growth of the organisation, support our volunteers and continue to serve young people in new ways throughout Australia. Your support in whatever way possible is very much needed and appreciated.

Whilst Burn Bright does not hold a Tax Deductible status, any financial contribution is put hard to work.
If you are considering giving to our organisation, please email us at or you can donate online and anonymously through

Thank you for your support

In-Kind Support

Your support is always appreciated. We would be excited to accept this support through in-kind donations. Even the smallest or second hand in-kind donation would be helpful to our organisation, especially as we grow and develop through our start up phase of operations.

Donation of Equipment and Resources. Supporting us with technological resources, office supplies or any other equipment that might aid our organisation would help us to grow and continue to support young people across Australia.
Donation of Services. Donating your personal or your businesses skills or services to our organisation would be a huge support.

If you would like to provide an in-kind donation to Burn Bright, please give us a call or email Andy at

Our Team

Is the foundation of the organisation.
They build community and work with young people to achieve our vision.

About Our Team

Our team works tirelessly to develop relationships, deliver programs, explore new ground and do all the background work that makes our organisation run so smoothly. The Burn Bright team is ever changing and it really excites us to be able to bring on more people with different backgrounds and experiences to help our organisation grow.

Our organisation has 7 key values which are the foundation of what we do on a daily basis.

  • Serve Outside The Spotlight
  • Celebrate Quirk. Bring Joy.
  • Better Never Stops
  • Put Your Relationships First
  • Be Daring
  • Heart Centred
  • Embrace Your Story

We Are Always Looking For People To Join Our Team

“We are always on the lookout for passionate people to join our team! Whilst we may always not be advertising positions, we are always keen to hear from you if you may be interested in joining our team and working with us towards our vision. To see current available positions, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

When we look for people to join our team, we look for four key things:

Love People

Strong Values

Love to Learn

Awesome Communication Skills

Our Two Year Facilitator Program

We are currently developing a two year facilitator program, there is more information to come!

Our aim is to grow a facilitation team who are a part of a 2-year program in which they will learn to work in community and to serve others. The team will work towards our vision which rolls out into schools and with young people around Australia. The facilitators will undergo a training program which will equip them with the skills to facilitate and connect with young people as well as a focus on supporting others.

New facilitators would be hired in a staged format throughout the year. This will allow for a constant stream of new people in the organisation and ensure we are maintaining the quality of our facilitation. At the conclusion of the two years, facilitators will be equipped and ready to follow their dreams in whatever capacity that may look like.

Current Opportunities

Currently there are no positions available. Please don’t hesitate to contact to let us know you are interested and we will let you know when a position become available.